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Spiritual Trauma Forum

Spiritual Trauma can brutalize the core of a human person. 

In sharing your spirutally traumatic experience(s), others can be encouraged that they are not alone. Many times a spiritually traumatic experience is so outside of our frame of understanding that we it can be hard to put words to describe the event. Nevertheless, one may notice what occurred somatically (in the body).  Some describe spiritual trauma as trauma pertaining to anything spiritual or religious that may or may not be consistent with either the current laws of physics if the universe is a closed system or if materialism is true. Nevertheless, many philosophers argue that the universe is an open system.That is a philosophical matter rather than a scientific one. Moreover, many atheistic, agnostic, and theistic philosophers believe materialism is either unlikely or false given various philosophical arguments and human experiences to the contrary. 

When sharing, in can be helpful to include what preceded the experiences (e.g. no changes, abuse, trauma, mind-altering substances, long-term stress, watching a horror film, a religious or spiritual practice, a change in worldview), whether anyone else witnessed the experience, and what has or has not brought relief.

With that in mind we are interested in brief (1000 word) accounts of the spiritual trauma you experienced. We will endeavor to post these on this page. All posts will be screened to ensure they are respectful of other's posts and are relevant to the forum content at hand.

Send in your story to email: mark@thinkingsincerely.com or create a login below and submit your experience.

Though these accounts will be shared on this page, we unfortunately cannot offer clinical advice or feedback on these individual accounts. If you are having a crisis, please Google your county + crisis line and call for local support. If this is a life-threatening emergency and you are in the USA, please dial 9-1-1. If you are outside of the USA and are having a life-threatening emergency, please call your local police.

These stories may be used in forthcoming publications and for research purposes. Your privacy is our priority. Please do not put your real name in the account. However, there are millions of people your age and providing such information could bring light to future research. Nevertheless, if you are not comfortable sharing your age please refrain from mentioning a fictional one.