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About Me


Since I was a child I have had an interest in helping others, exploring how the mind works, and pondering various philosophical issues pertaining to knowledge and reality. Growing up in a household that valued spirituality and having a personal enjoyment for the newest edition of Popular Science to be found in my red-rusty-mailbox, I had many realms of comfort and inspiration.  As an adolescent I recall trying to conduct science experiments to test for whether spiritual stuff was detectable. My interest in what is fundamental to being has continued. Yet more than anything I have found some of the most valuable moments of my life linked to times where I have connected with others in such a way that I had the honor of seeing them feel sacred parts of themselves known, valued, and were comforted in the meaningful process.

Later, I joined the military and enjoyed working with a diverse range of individuals from Washington to Iraq. Afterward, I earned a Bachelor's in Psychology and Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Healthy Counseling. In the process of receiving my education I have had opportunities working for various IT-companies, including working multiple times as a consultant at Microsoft through Simplicity Consulting.

Having been in the military I can empathize with those who have gone through intense events that can occur in war, and also enjoyed the opportunity to not only bond with those from various cultures within our country, but empathize with those outside of it.

With my free time I enjoy reading, playing chess, hiking, and spending time with my family.







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