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About Me


Through being certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy it has been a pleasure to see clients go from experiencing severe distress, impulsive behavaiors, and choices they regret, to feeling like they have new techniques that they can take home to not only reduce severe distress (whether depression or anxiety), but also learn additional means to reduce the amount of stress they would normally experience in the same situation with the new skills they have learned.

Even more, I am trained in EMDR. This is the most evidenced-based treatment for trauma. Many times clients experience less distress from a traumatic experience after one session. Others may take ten or twelve sessions to feel a significant relief from a traumatic experience.

Others have grown up having numerous traumatic experiences. In this case there is more work to be done. Nevertheless, both DBT and EMDR can be powerful tools to reduce distress.

Further, I will be specializing in Neurofeedback. This has been another helpful tool to help those with depression, anxiety, trauma, traumatic brain injuries, ADD, cognitive performance, etc. Essentially, with 4-dimensional cutting-edge evidence based technology one's own brain can be trained to perform in its optimal state that is unique to the individual based on receiving the unique EEG information from your brain, and utilizing operant conditioning to reward your brain in producing optimal pathways.

Even more, if I have a client with depression I can find it helpful to utilize cranio electro stimulation (CES). There have been dozens of academic journal articles showing this can reduce depression and causes *no* harm to your brain.

Having worked with technology in various contexts I enjoy seeing it help others in fundamental ways more than anything.

I have found it meaningful to have worked with individuals with: depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, ADHD, ADD, borderline personality disorder, traumatic brain injuries, intellectual disabilities, or some combination. Other persons may have philosophical issues, trauma, anomalous experiences, ambiguous events, or feelings of guilt that they want to resolve. I believe that often times one may carry an unnecessary sense of guilt that technology can help to treat.

With compassion and understanding, I work with each individual to help them build on their strengths and allign with their values to attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.

Having been in the military I can empathize with many traumatic events that can occur in war, and also enjoyed the opportunity to not only bond with those from various cultures within our country, but empathize with those outside of it.



Antioch University Seattle, M.A. Candidate

Additional Training 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Certified

EMDR Trained

Ongoing Neurofeedback Training beginning in January

Professional Activities and Memberships 

ACA Member