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According to Plato, Socrates said to: "Follow the evidence wherever it leads." I care for others and am interested in not only holding the space for you to share what is on your heart, but to respect your time and use tools as efficiently and effectively as possible to help you reach your goals utilizing evidence-based practices.

Having a background in the IT-field that has taken me from working in the Middle East (Iraq) to the East Side (Redmond/Bellevue), I have seen how technology can significantly impact different spheres of society. Now I enjoy using it to improve mental well-being.

In private practice neurofeedback will be my primary treatment modality (see videos and resources on this site and elsewhere for evidence on the matter) in conjunction with talk therapy. Further, I utilize what I was trained in for trauma-- EMDR as it is one of the most effective and efficient means of empowerment despite the trajedies of the past that still live in the present. Nevertheless, I am not an "EMDR therapist" as I see EMDR to be one of many helpful tools.

Being certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy has been worth my time. I have taught groups to clients with: distress, suicidal ideation, impulsivity, depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, addictions,and those who use coping mechanisms that are not as effective as one may have wished who have been very pleased with new means to both feel better, and improve relationships.

In studying developmental psychology (my undergraduate was in psychology) and attachment theory, it was not surpsising to hear that research shows that an infant's primary caregiver(s) response pattern to that infant's distress (combined with the infant's genetics) can have a significant impact on how that infant develops, feels, thinks, believes, and interacts with others. Nevertheless, I have hope that the brain and mind can change and have seen it happen. 

I respect that each individual is at a different place within the paradigm of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. For many, having a meaningful life with purpose, or at least a life without guilt and full of acceptance is critical to mental health. For others, one is focused simply on survival. Others are somewhere in between.

For those reasons I conceptualize through Maslow's model according to my client's reports. If one wants to discuss meaning, metaphysics, and/or spirituality, I have heard from clients that philosophical counseling has been "exciting" and "helpful". 

With that said, therapy can be hard and painful work at times, and old memories can come back and understandably influence the therapeutic relationship. Therapy can also be a rewarding and significant means for self-care. I'm excited to hear about your journey and what feels most comfortable for you. My goal is for your mind and/or brain to learn in such a way that you can carry new tools with you in your future.