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I work with high-functioning individuals who may or do have Asperger's. Many who may have this experience it as a stigma. Really, if most people had Asperger's life would be much easier for many with Asperger's. But society has not made things easy for everyone. Human behavior is often not logical, and certainly can be ambiguous. This in-itself can produce stress as it is difficult to navigate through unknown territory. In addition, many individuals with Asperger's have sensory sensitivity (SPD) that makes life all the more of a challenge. 

My goal is to identify your goals. Often, individuals with Asperger's want to feel more relaxed more often, and manage their stress better. Neurofeedback can be quite helpful in this respect. In addition, some may want to improve their social-effectiveness skills so that when they are upset, they don't have to put their relationships or job at risk. There are many skills that can be learned to improve this area. 

Finally, individuals who do or may have Asperger's often experience feeling lonely. This can lead to further issues from depression,  to suicidal thoughts, and philosophical dilemmas. These individual matters can take a lot of work to work through. Nevertheless, the process can be meaningful and valuable amidst the various stages of change. 

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