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As this site evolves, it will be a developing resource to learn about how Neurofeedback, EMDR, and Philosophical Counseling can be beneficial for a host of matters, and enable you to schedule an appointment if you are interested.

While The Hard Problem of Consciousness (Chalmers' term for the conceptual issue of how qualia can emerge from physical stuff) has baffled and intrigued some of the greatest scientific and philosophical minds, most believe that whatever the mind and brain are, they do interact. Similarly, I believe each individual has unfathomable depths worthy of exploration and wonder. Just as our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and will can impact our body; likewise, relationships, our bodies, and environment, can impact our minds. As technology has developed, so too have ways in which we can help the mind and the brain amidst various challenges. 

As you are an expert  on you in that you have special access to your mind that nobody else does, I am honored to be near such a treasure trove of wisdom and insight. Through collaboration, I believe there can be greater hope in reaching your fundamental desires through technology that has special access to information about the brain that our minds otherwise would not have directly accessible. Of course technology is only one means to reach greater aspects of ourselves. Just as the psyche is multi-faceted, so too are ways in which one may empower it.


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